Advantages and Drawbacks of Using Cloud-Based Services

New technologies have dismantled many of the security principles that existed before. Privacy, information security, data protection, dealing with social networks and the web world, are important aspects all companies should pay attention to. But there is a new concept that can provide even more data protection: cloud computing, otherwise known as cloud storage. This article briefly explains what the advantages and risks are when choosing cloud-based services.

What is cloud computing and what are its advantages?

Cloud computing is a way to provide virtual services to an individual, a company or government entity. The number one advantage of this service is the immediate availability to see, review, and correct data from anywhere. People and companies do not have to worry about saving their data constantly, mainly because the system does it for them. It is also a great way to save money – data and employee costs are kept low.


Data may accessible to third-parties, anywhere in the world. There is no control over full access to the data, meaning there are no guarantees that deleted information will be totally eliminated. For this reason, it is best to hire a professional company like secure share to take over the data transfer and storage.


Types of cloud computing

Public services are offered to a client through external servers and can be accessed for free or they could be charged a small fee. These servers are managed by third parties.

Private services are placed inside a company’s business and normal service is not offered to third parties. These servers, however, can also be contracted with third parties.

Hybrid is a mix of public and private clouds. With this system, the company can take control of their applications, and take advantage of the options associated with cloud storage.

Some of the most popular cloud services are:

Google Drive

Keep in mind that:

Confidential data may be compromised in the cloud. Availability and reliability of service might depend on third parties. Companies have to choose the service provider very carefully. There may be certain confidentiality or legal limitations in some cases. Whatever cloud-based service a company chooses, it must be an intuitive, modern and contemporary interface that solves various privacy problems while being low-maintenance. In addition to the usual security measures offered by secureshare, like encrypted connection between client-server, antivirus, backups, they should also offer the ability to customize the company’s web environment so it is easier to manage and share files.